A lot of people struggle to identify what it is that will make them better–whatever that may mean to them. Others lack the knowledge or tools to achieve that improvement. Still others have all of these things, but simply cannot organize the items required to be better into their daily lives.

I fall into this third category, as do the majority of people I associate with.

In the spirit fo the New Year I did something totally new the other day. I actually set aside time and sat down to write down specific resolutions. One of the great ironies of my life is that I’ve never actually written down any of my goals. I certainly have goals and objectives, but they remain in a semi-nebulous state floating around in my head. Despite this, I tend to achieve a lot of what I set out to do and generally gradually become what I consider to be “better” over the trajectory of my life.

However, if I were more intentioned in the way I go about self-improvement, perhaps I could accelerate positive growth, achieve more and, perhaps, feel less stressed and overwhelmed along the journey. That would free up mental capacity and emotion for things like joy and fulfillment. That sounds good.

More superficially, I found myself jealous of the people who recited the specific statements they made 365 days prior and were able to objectively measure how that year stacked up. Others took daily photos of their journeys or used other structured logging to map their road.

If I can’t navigate a specific path to achieve certain things, then many people likely need help. A blueprint for the journey. Something I can refer to day-to-day when life gets too busy and too complicated for my brain to remember the bigger picture.

What will this blueprint look like? I do not know. When I sat down to write those goals, I stood up again and walked away.

Guess I better keep writing…