Rather than give gifts to my coworkers for our belated holiday party, I composed the following limerick that I thought I would share. It turns out over the past couple weeks, I’ve become quite the poet. Totally seeing a path to quit that day job of mine 🙂

I’m wishing my team a Happy Holiday

With a poem because gifts are totally cliché

Though Christmas is done

And the New Year’s begun

We’ll still party because it’s funner than toiling away


I’ll begin these greetings with my dear friend Mark

Who swims in the pool like a Great White Shark

He wears many hats

And eats only good fats

I’m so thankful for you, insert exclamation mark!


Let’s move on now to the big guy Gary

Whose gun collection some may find really scary

He’s sharp as a tac

And will get a six-pack

Because he eliminated everything that’s inflammatory


Terrill has kept me from the plague of starvation

And fought her A-fib without an ablation

I have much gratitude

And not just for food

But also for being brains behind the whole operation!


Bob Granger also is one heckuva gent

Who knows macros and micros and each supplement

His life is a treasure

His gift knows no measure

He even knows what and how to ferment!


Last but not least is our dear Gerry Schmidt

Who has dedicated his life for others’ benefit

He’s wise as a Buddha

Ages well like fine gouda

And will fix emotional baggage lickety split!


In closing I’d like to say a big thanks!

Even though we lack money stored in the banks

There’s been ups and downs

But we’ve stood our grounds

I’m lucky to work with greatest of ranks!