It’s a long story, but in case curious minds were inquiring, I signed a contract to work as a Nurse Practitioner with a new, small and relatively progressive practice called Goodness Health Group. It took a lot of deliberation to arrive at this decision!! I’ll be delivering primary care in Nursing homes and I never, ever, EVER thought I’d say it, but I’m kinda actually *excited* about it!

I’ve remained radio silent about the whole career/vocational/life search lately so as to avoid “jinxing” myself and/or jeopardizing other opportunities before this one was official. And I won’t lie. It was difficult hanging suspended between pursuits.

The position feels good for a number of reasons, which I’ll extrapolate on later [if only so I can re-read when I encounter the inevitable drawbacks of the position].

I’m *still* waiting to receive prescriptive authority from the State of CO–a ridiculously redundant process. And I just started started the same process at the level of the nursing home. Yup. They repeat the same stuff that was done in GA, that was repeated when I moved to CO [plus much more]. I also am applying for medical liability insurance, the ability to bill to Medicare, Medicaid and private insurers [all separate applications] and other stuff that the state of CO requires.

I’m literally sitting on the couch surrounded by hundreds of sheets of paper. Sigh.

And a lot of it is the same. damn. thing. Over and over again.

So it’s estimated that it will be another three months before I can officially start working. Another ridiculously wasteful aspect of healthcare.

To bide my time, I’ll likely produce additional posts about the ridiculousness of the process [I’m currently stuck in a holding pattern as one application requires approval of another and vice versa…] as well as nuggets of wisdom I’ve learned throughout this journey!

Oh. And of course engage in as many adventures as my bank account will allow [luckily many of life’s greatest opportunities are free]. I also picked up a gig tutoring online, which will hopefully provide a little cash flow in the meantime… And I’ve got a couple entrepreneurial ideas to get off the ground before returning to working life.