I found myself back in Atlanta again this past weekend [many a person has appropriately inquired whether I actually moved away, given that I’ve been back so frequently]. The impetus for this particular trip was my father’s two-hour housewarming cocktail party that he wanted me to attend. Flights from Denver to Atlanta were unusually expensive, so I opted to fly in on Wednesday and leave on Monday to reduce the costs. [I’ve got time on my hands anyway…]

And I’m glad I did! Not only was I able to catch up with friends over many Mexican meals [some on the same day], but also unexpectedly gained momentum on my quest for vocational clarity.

I had several great chats with friends and acquaintances that could potentially turn into something meaningful. While a couple of these conversations were meetings with specific motivations in mind, others serendipitously occurred. Also, having gone public with this whole Existential Opportunity, friends have reached out for a sounding board to talk through their own professional/personal/identity inquiries. I’m always happy to have a “life chat”!

I also met up with tthat guy I randomly met in Starbucks–the one who made a fortune and retired by age 26, or something ridiculous. He’ll occasionally reach out with an email to check in and provide an inspirational message. Nothing creepy at all. He’s evolving into a mentor and a friend. As such, we met up, and I filled him in on my journey since that day we met. He had excellent perspective on work, life and existence at large. From a few of the comments he made, I gathered that he’d been diagnosed with cancer. I don’t know any of the details and didn’t feel comfortable prying at that time, but I’m interested to continue to learn the perspective of a guy who literally has more money than he could ever spend, but whose own mortality dominates his consciousness. What is money without time? What is anything without health? A highly interesting but highly tragic conundrum indeed.