Out of desperation for diversion on my most recent flight, I resorted to reading “Hemispheres” magazine, United Airline’s in-flight periodical (after impressively out-sleeping my alarm the morning, I hurriedly grabbed literally a handful of clothes from last weekend’s trip, threw them in a bag and into the car, committed more than a few traffic violations, nabbed an overpriced parking space, and, by the kindness of a stranger or two, made it through security and on the plane. In the chaos, I failed to grab any material for entertainment. And all those unintentional extra zzzs precluded my normal inflight activity of passing out). While reading the surprisingly engaging stories of travel, I wonder: why haven’t I been chronicling  my travel adventures alongside my existential musings?! After all, this is *MY* eclectic, long-winded, overly honest blog, intended for an audience of one, so I’ll do what I WANT!

Perhaps I’m also influenced by an email my sister forwarded to me yesterday from the very, very depths of her inbox. The relic dated back to 2006 and was one of a series of lengthy correspondences I sent to friends and family recounting my escapades abroad during a semester in Madrid.

Kristin passed it along accurately assuming I’d find it interesting (and amusing) to reflect on how my “writing has matured” over time. Oh man–what I thought at the time embodied well-polished, wildly entertaining literary artwork was certainly far from it. Yet despite their length, imperfections and random content (which I truly felt was entertaining to me only), I received overwhelmingly positive feedback about them–which eventually I actually believed to be genuine and not simply ingratiating. So I continued to write and send them.

Just like this blog, the motivation behind the emails was wholly and unapologetically selfish. Despite all the intentions in the world, I lacked the discipline to keep a journal, so an audience held me accountable to not only document  my experiences but also to tell them cohesively, which requires an extra layer of mental processing–one which made each moment all the more impactful. Thus, these emails embodied the diary capturing an amazing epoch of my life that I knew I’d cherish later (and certainly do). Heavily influenced by the words of Bill Bernache, “you won’t be interesting unless you say things imaginatively, originally, freshly.” I made concerted efforts to add humor, colorful description and color commentary to the emails in the off chance folks would actually *want* to read them rather than feel burdened by yet another count on the exponentially increasing number of mundane and annoying items overflowing their inboxes. But ultimately I wrote for me. And if anyone else found them entertaining, then awesome! Otherwise, the delete button was merely a click away, (which I genuinely encouraged recipients to use at their disposal–pun intended).

So receiving such positive feedback surprised me (and surprised me waaay more rereading them now!) But the encouragement and inspiration truly incepted my interest in writing. Even though the writing style wasn’t well-developed, over the course of that semester, my “voice” as a writer began to emerge.

I also realize that I’m experiencing a similar period in my life. One filled with travel and reflections and opportunity.

So if people thought *those* less-than-the-best writings were worth reading, then why not the travel installments of “Susings“?! After all, I’ll certainly want to capture these moments for posterity, myself.

Because, based on current posts, followers probably have gained a misperception that I’m constantly disoriented, disillusioned and depressed because I’ve tended to elaborate extensively on these topics. But, trust me (and the posts that follow): I’m also having many adventures!

Travel Catchup

Where to begin? Well, I guess from the beginning!

Since my move to Boulder, many have questioned whether I actually “moved” because I travelled so much. And a lot of that travel brought me back to my “former” home of Atlanta. The first few months entailed many work trips along with several personal ones. Then the ExOp (especially the period of quasi-homelessness) granted the opportunity to travel just for the hell of it. So why not?! Let’s quickly run through those with a few highlights:


NYC #1: 3/17-3/19 [Well, unintentionally prolonged until 3/20] – St. Paddy’s day with the NYC Firefighters and Police officers, crushing my first flywheel class, bar hopping with cousin Emma, NYC Triathlon expo with awesome gents Jimmy Brady and Tommy Craig, a missed return flight leading to a great night out in the city

Atlanta #1: 3/24-3/29 intentions of car retrieval, Bday celebrations and libations, charcuterie and champagne, Easter eggs and polish brunch

NYC #2: 3/30-4/1 champagne and charcuterie, spin and nail salon


Gainesville, FL: 4/1- 4/3 Joe and Julie’s wedding, cousins by the dozens, dive bars and, the Rudniks most well-performed family toast to date (KISS method success!). Go gators!

Chattanooga/Atlanta: 4/8-4/13 cold training camp, The Slayer and his shenanigans, Demos, cupcakes, Jill’s bday and Mumford and Sons

St. Petersburg, FL: 4/21-4/24 Random coffee shop besties, AIR BNB bungalow, St. Anthony’s coffee barge, St. Anthony’s race, secret hangouts, reunion with Kristie and Jaime and new Chicago friend.

NYC #3: 4/28-5/2 Work meetings all over Long Island, Long Island Marathon Expo with social media extraordinaire and Good Housekeeping poster child Hilary Topper, soulcycle, smoothies and soirées


Road trip in The Beast

Stop 1: 5/6-5/8 – Abuqui, NM for Kristin and Kevin’s wedding- winning the award for most picturesque and most dancing and laughing, Random roommate bonding, BC love, hikes, nerdy nutrition and training overload

Stop 2: 5/10-5/11 – Dallas, TX – Hot run, cool pool–altitude effects

Stop 3: 5/12-5/16- The Woodlands, TX for ironman TX – Rooftop, heat, Kasia’s salads, cold hail, WF rotisserie warmer

Atlanta 5/15-5/18: Condo listing and race prep

Chattanooga 5/19-5/23: Chatt 70.3, Big River Grille overdose, calculated hitch-hiking

Cross country road trip #2: 5/24-5/26 – all the podcasts, out”smarting” storms, all of kansas (again)


Onset of ExOp

Atlanta (again?!): 6/29-7/1: list condo and water leak and land tenants


Sea Island #1: 7/1-7/5 fourth fun, mildly inappropriate pool games, snapchat indoctrination, Ziggy’s shenanigans, pool floats, rosé all day, sleepless road trip home, muscles and margaritas, shoeless jobless and kind of homeless 

Atlanta (again, again?!): 4/9-4/14 cut the clutter

NY#4: The Roadtrip Edition: 7/19-7/26 – margs and rooftops with Emma, traveling “like a lady, not like a lunatic” with Aunt Moe ON Lonf Island, Lake Placid training, IMLP random encounters, training, alpacas, Granny Camp


Atlanta (seriously?!): 8/10-8/14 – overaggressive hair cut (bad idea), interviews

Ironman Mont-Tremblant: read ALL about it, kinder egg smuggling


Atlanta breeze through: 9/1-9/2 – Chalk Clapping Fergie’s ashes, Lure Lunch that Lingered

Sea island #2: 9/2-9/6 – Labor Day vaca, hurricane mercy, beach walks and beach bars, newlyweds, cruiser bikes, bagpipes and besties

Steamboat/Vail: 9/10-9/12 – 30th’s and 30 racks, bell bottoms and tie dye, boats bands and bubbles, peace signs, Oktoberfest

In the meantime, I’ve done a lot here in Boulder! During those moments when I’ve actually be in town…

Local Adventures 


House on the hill (or mountain, rather) with a Homestretch from Hell

March weather Maddness

Hikes and bikes. And swims.

Red rocks and many jocks

Kombucha of the Day

Staycation at Roy and Deb’s

Mikey’s Rugby

Stevie Wonderful

Humble Habitat

Coffees with Kasia

Underpants run

Ironman Boulder Spectating

Boulder 70.3


Spontaneous nights out in athletic attire: Salsa nights, pubs and pretty much anything else



Ok, now that we’re caught up, will start writing stuff about my adventures that might actually be worth reading [at least for my trusty little audience of one].