This has been, by far, the longest swim streak of my life! If you count the swim (er–“controlled drowning”) at Raleigh 70.3, I swam ELEVEN days in a row! Whoa.

Time for a day off to allow the body and the mind to regroup. And sleep in (uh to a very ripe 6:15…).

I’ll take this brief moment to solicit the help of anyone who can teach me how to swim with ankle bands. I’ll give you a beer and even throw in a high five if you can teach me the trick. Since I started working with Coach Chris Rotelli, he’s sprinkled band workouts into my schedule, but I have never successfully swam more than a few yards before my feet drop like anchors to the bottom. I can’t even attempt a band set in a pool with a deep end. Clearly I’m doing something wrong. Is it body position? Stroke? Ugh!! It’s been a point of frustration.

So, a goal even greater than dropping an arbitrary amount of time from a 100 or an ironman swim or what-have-you is to swim a 25 continuous wearing bands! Quite honestly, I doubt it will ever happen…