While I contemplated counting the 250 yard swim of the Tributary Retro Triathlon this morning as my Swimtervention workout for the day, it occurred to me that I had a completely unoccupied, outdoor, saline pool at my disposal. How could I not swim!? Besides, I’m a week into this whole odyssey, and I even flip turned yesterday! Like a bunch of times! Can’t back out now!

I hopped in and began my warm up. When I reached the wall, I instinctively flip turned (still awkward and slow, but whaaattt?!).

Not one but two lifeguards kept close watch over me (and only me), should I bang my head on the wall and give myself a gnarly concussion. Seeing as there were no other swimming bystanders to fall victim to my flailing extremities and with such good oversight, I figured it would be a good place to practice. So I decided to complete the whole flippin 500 with flips.

And did! Woop woop! While I did start to feel a bit of aqua hypoxia during the set, it was much less than I expected. Granted, I was swimming quite slow. We’ll see what happens when I try flipping at a swifter pace.

Coach blessed me with a main set comprised entirely of 25s. No need to confront my flip-phobia here! The middle set was supposed to be done with ankle bands, but I cheated and used a pull buoy around my ankles. Successfully swimming with bands has been a source of greater frustration than my flip-phobia… But this is another story for another day.

I ended the workout with a 500 and a 400, during which I flipped the entire time! Many a flip convert had told me, “once you start flipping, you won’t go back”. So far this is reining true!

Now just gotta learn to control the flip so as to not endanger the life of myself and others. Baby steps.