Lunch for the week!
Planning is everything.
One of the benefits of taking the “Susie Sustainability” approach to New Year’s resolutions is that this kind of thing is above and beyond my goals. Yes, it is great that this week I have my sh*t together enough to make it to the grocery store and prepare meals ahead of time. This will certainly not happen every week. But it wasn’t on my progressive cleanup anyhow, so I won’t feel guilty about less-than 100% compliance thereby avoiding falling off the bandwagon entirely–a phenomenon well-known to well-intentioned resolutioners that I’ve coined The Resolution Rebound Effect. The weeks I am able to pack lunch ahead: great! Those that I can’t (or don’t): no sweat! In the long run, relinquishing the “musts” and “always” and the associated guilt with almost invariable failure of following such ultimatums will allow for movement toward the right direction (even if not exactly the right direction) that is (you guessed it) sustainable and lasting.